The first company to produce 100% Brazilian made highly complex biotech drugs.

Bionovis is a pharmaceutical biotechnology joint venture which is composed of four Brazilian pharmaceutical market leaders: Aché Laboratórios, EMS, Hypera Pharma and União Química. Our goal is to establish in Brazil research, development, production and marketing of biopharmaceuticals – biologic medicines generated via recombinant DNA technology utilizing living cells for the production of therapeutic proteins.

Set in a promising global biopharmaceutical environment, Bionovis innovates as a pioneer in the production of highly complex biological products in Brazil. With a reputable team, global partnerships with industry leaders and collaborations with leading national public institutions, we are establishing the complete technology for the production of a variety of monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic proteins. Highly qualified human resources, a world-class infrastructure and the implementation of state of the art know-how in the development and production of complex biological drugs are the pillars for the construction of a pipeline composed of biosimilars, biobetters and innovative biopharmaceuticals.

Through combined public and private efforts and by applying the highest scientific, technical and ethical standards, it will be possible to increase access of the population to highly complex biopharmaceuticals and develop innovative medicines for Brazil and the world.

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