A team of experts for a revolutionary project

Bionovis has a team of professionals considered one of the most accomplished in the Biologics arena.

An internationally recognized Research, Development and Innovation Director with 30 years of experience in the development of biosimilars and innovative biopharmaceuticals is spearheading Bionovis’ R&D initiative. His achievements include the de-novo establishment of Biopharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Organisations within large international companies with no previous knowledge in the field and the direction of biopharmaceutical development projects leading to the registration of multiple biologic medicinal products in Europe and the United States.

Bionovis’ Research and Development team also consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in pharmaceutical biotechnology, responsible for the technology transfer of biosimilars and the development of new products. Bionovis possesses the internal expertise to carry out all activities involved in the development of highly complex biopharmaceuticals (CMC / analytical / bioanalytical / pre-clinical, clinical development / regulatory affairs/ etc).

The Bionovis Business development Team was able to identify the major global players in the development and manufacturing of biosimilars. This led to partnerships with global companies that are willing to transfer their complete production technology for biosimilars and innovative biopharmaceuticals to Bionovis. This will enable Brazil to independently manufacture highly complex biological medicines.

Bionovis is lead by an executive with over 40 years of experience in the national and international pharmaceutical industry.