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With the phenomenon of an increasing global life expectancy the dependence on medicines for diseases such as cancer, autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders is on the rise. Brazil has a large population that is aging and requires health services and medicines that by obligation are offered by the Public Health System (SUS), the largest universal health care in the world. This translates to a state with a purchasing power that is able to establish a market, in the case of biotechnology products, of more than US$ 4 billion a year. This scenario is complemented by public policies to strengthen the Brazilian Health Industrial Complex and a regulation for biologic medicines in line with international practices.

In Brazil, all biological products need to be imported at a very high cost because local production is inexistent. Recently several highly complex biopharmaceutical products lost intellectual property protection in Brazil, which opens the door for the development of biosimilars. All these factors are an extremely favorable environment for investment in areas of greater technological complexity and high risk, such as pharmaceutical biotechnology.

Bionovis is not limited to biosimilars, these are just the starting point of its pioneering journey. With the know-how and infrastructure established in the first stage, we will begin to develop and produce innovative biological medicines that will make significant contributions in terms of efficacy and safety to the market. More than only developing biopharmaceuticals, investing in Bionovis is to invest in the self-sufficiency of Brazil, the generation of jobs and income, and increasing access of the population to health through high technology products.

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