Strategy and Models


Bionovis was created exclusively for activities in the field of pharmaceutical biotechnology. Since its establishment in the year 2012, Bionovis engaged in strategic partnerships with multinational pharmaceutical companies with a strong focus and expertise in the biopharmaceutical area. These partnerships allow Bionovis receive cutting edge technologies and training and quickly initiate the production and marketing of highly complex biological products.

However, this is not the only business objective targeted by the company. Bionovis is also developing its own products and technologies and is negotiating partnerships with additional companies, research institutes and national and international researchers.

In terms of Bionovis’ scope of operation, the company can cover several areas in the field of pharmaceutical biotechnology, as well as the development, production and marketing of therapeutic proteins (hormones, enzymes, monoclonal antibodies, etc.), peptides, aptamers and also gene therapy, cell therapy and other technologies that require a distinct technology toolkit rather than the one used by traditional pharmaceutical industry, focused on the production of synthetic drugs.


Focusing on the development of know-how and manufacturing infrastructure in Brazil, Bionovis is engaged in prospecting products and technologies for licensing and technology transfer. Some of the business models adopted by Bionovis:

  • Product licensing;
  • Product and technology licensing with technology transfer;
  • Co-development of products (Clinical Phase or earlier development stage products).
  • In-house development of products fully conducted by Bionovis.