A company the size of our dreams

With the goal to become the largest pharmaceutical biotechnology company in Latin America, Bionovis´s investments need to match their ambitions. A multiproduct plant is presently being built with two lines for the production of highly complex biopharmaceuticals, one in perfusion regimen and the other in fed-batch. The initial production capacity of 12,500 liters can be expanded to over 50,000 liters.

In unique partnerships with world leaders such as Janssen and Merck, we will receive the entire technology package, including the master cell bank, to initially produce eight highly complex biological medicines. Further investments are made in setting up a pilot plant for research and development (BIT – Bionovis Institute of Technology), commissioning and training of specialized personnel, and the development of a proprietary pipeline of biosimilars and innovative products. Upon completion of the manufacturing plant and the transfer of the production technologies, Bionovis will initiate the production of the first 100% brazilian highly complex biopharmaceuticals.